InovaMesh® - our SDP/ZTNA Dynamic  Mesh

InovaMesh® ZDP/ZTNA is the cyber security platform developed by CyberInova® (Patent Pending #102023000017760) with the aim of providing a solution completely based on these SDP/ZTNA principles and innovative cyber security strategies. 


Capabilities and InovaMesh® Use Case

Why InovaMesh®: An Innovative Approach

The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) delineated new defensive strategies from aggression on the network with a new concept, called Software Defined Perimeter (SDP), based on the Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), a security framework where access is continuously verified.

Based on SDP/ZTNA concepts and exclusive capabilities like mesh network with Dynamic Overlay Control (DYNOC©, a CyberInova® patent pending Id #102023000017760 technology) with InovaMesh® our aim is to enhance the way people connect, to deliver the most agile, safe, and efficient cybersecurity structure.

 This is the reason why we designed InovaMesh®.

  • The Agile Security Solution.

    An innovative cyber security strategy: InovaMesh® is an application framework based on idea that no device or user can be trusted, regardless of whether they are inside or outside the network perimeter.

    A one-to-one relationship between user and the data to access: InovaMesh® replaces centralized security controls with distributed software agents that operate under the control of the application manager and provide access to the application infrastructure only after identify verification. These agents create encrypted connections between requesting systems and application infrastructure, with a one-to-one relationship between them.

    InovaMesh® IoT: An all-in-one device that protects, sequentially, IoT device on field providing micro-segmentation, isolation, alert and monitoring.

    InovaMesh® is the Agile Security Solution.

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InovaMesh®: Benefits for Customers

A wide spectrum of benefits are available to InovaMesh customers thanks to SDP/ZTNA and Dynamic Overlay Control (DYNOC©) feature, a CyberInova® patent pending technology.

  • Trought micro-segmentation InovaMesh® removes implicit trust and implements micro-perimeter (SDP) preventing techniques of hacking, as lateral movement which can be possible with traditional VPNs.
  • Software Development Kit (SDK) to build agent for a variety of Operating Systems and Hardware architectures.
  • Extremely easy installation, requires no change to existing infrastructure.
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  • Use modern encryption and communication protocols providing superior performance and security and integrate firewall with the granular access control (IP, ports, services).
  • Replace traditional VPNs with a superior segmentation solution in term of security, scalability, ease of installation, management and TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).
  • It’s a SaaS solution (Software as a Service) accessible by client software agents and/or in version with its hardware client; any apparatus can be connected via LAN/WAN to InovaMesh®. (Windows, mac OS, Linux, iOS, Android etc..).
  • Strong identity control and integration with standard Identity and Access Management (IAM).

InovaMesh® Dashboard

Since “Power is nothing without control” we implemented InovaMesh® control systems to ensure effective control of your devices and knowledge of events on your infrastructures and assets.

An SDP/ZTNA system associated with an architecture that implements Dynamic Mesh capabilities creates a proactive closed circuit to cyber threat events. 

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